Friday, June 15, 2007

Your Call is Important to Us

Your call is important to us. Surprisingly it is not one of the biggest lies. However many would say that it should be. It seems very likely that Montreal Gazette tech reporter Roberto Rocha is on a winner in featuring this topic on his blog. He is looking for inputs from Gazette readers and he may well be overwhelmed by the response.

Some, like Hans Sander, have suggested that the solution is to add more call agents. However Ken Belson in the New York Times questioned that solution since some jobs are so boring that workers fall asleep.

The best solution is to use one of the modern IVR technologies as described on this website. In that way callers receive the very best service with an immediate response from the IVR system and a rapid transfer to a human call agent if the call is complex. It will be interesting to see whether such solutions are discussed in Roberto Rocha’s new blog.

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